About Us

Over 30 years experience with many very happy customers and the runs on the board. Talk to use about your next job!

Who We Are


Jarryd Carter

Operations Manager

Glen Carter

Managing Director


Rhys Carter

Project Manager

Cameron Carter

General Manager

We are a family-owned and run business.

For over 30 years we have developed ongoing relationships with quality builders who value quality, service and ongoing communication from our team.

The CTR Plumbing story began in 1975, when our Managing Director, Glen Carter, started his plumbing apprenticeship. From humble beginnings, CTR Plumbing has grown to become Melbourne’s trusted new construction plumbing team.

We are currently working for over 30 builders and are performing plumbing on over 200 homes in Melbourne.

2020 sees another arm to the business opening and that is Bayswater Roofing This new company was started in September 2020 and has over $500,000.00 of work ready to start.

CTR Plumbing wants to develop ongoing relationships with quality builders who
value quality, service and ongoing communication from our team. The business has grown from this ethic.

We value our customers and want nothing more than to help and support them where possible.

The Humble Beginning

I started my plumbing apprenticeship in 1975 after doing some labouring work with a plumber that I knew. I enjoyed the work so much that I asked if I could have an apprenticeship with him and he was happy to give me a start. His business was based in Vermont and we mainly worked in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. During my apprenticeship I got a lot of experience in all types of plumbing including home renovations, roof plumbing and new homes. I finished my apprenticeship in 1979 and just after completion of my apprenticeship; my employer developed health issues and needed to get out of the trade. He had several projects still underway and asked if I was interested in completing this work and taking over his business.


Vermont, Victoria

From Apprentice to Owner, Husband and Father

After many discussions with my Mum & Dad I decided to take over his business and complete his projects. One of his customers was a developing builder, Metricon Homes. After developing a relationship over several years with Metricon they offered me a contract to do 50% of their work. The contract started in 1980 and lasted until 2000. Over that period I gained much business experience in performing plumbing in the new home industry. During this time, I married my wife Kerryn, moved to Boronia where I ran our business, and had two boys, Cameron and Rhys. From 1982-1987, I started to employ a couple of apprentices and gradually built up the business working for Metricon Homes, Simonds Homes & many other builders. In 1988 we sold our place in Boronia and moved to a few acres in the Yarra Valley.


Boronia, Victoria

Becoming A True “Family Business”

Over the next 20 years the business slowly grew and I was employing 6 plumbers including apprentices. In 1999 our third son was born Jarryd and in 2002 Cameron asked if he could be a plumber and started his apprenticeship with us. In 2005 Rhys asked he could be a plumber and he too started his apprenticeship with us. During this time we leased a small factory in Kilsyth and the business took its next step. We gradually employed more people and gained more contracts and decided to purchase a larger factory in Boronia in 2006. In 2015 Jarryd asked if he could be a plumber and he started his apprenticeship. Now all three boys are plumbers! In 2015 I started to take a small back step in the business and Kerryn and I started to travel. During this time Cameron took an interest in running the business while we were away.


Boronia, Victoria

Growing Rapidly

Over the next few years we traveled more, the business grew even further and all three boys were becoming more involved in the day to day running of the business. In 2018 we outgrew our factory and leased an 800sq meter factory in the same street. Till today, we continue to operate out of Boronia. 2019 saw CTR Plumbing employing 16 people with a Fulltime Office manager and a part-time storeman.


Boronia, Victoria